Sketches from my comic project involving the Aztecs (the Mexica) during the Spanish invasion of Mexico and Tenochtitlan. Characters include historical figures such as Moctezuma II (Montezuma), Hernan Cortes, and Malintzin; and fictional characters that I’m making up or are only very loosely based on realworld counterparts.

With my comic, I’m hoping to put the invasion of the Mexican capitol city into a perspective that people today can understand. I want to explore the invasion from the perspective of the people who had their way of life changed most by the events that were unfolding.

In a world dictated by astronomy, calendars, predictions, rigid religious and social systems and human sacrifice, it’s looking more and more like the premise is going to center around the idea that our futures can’t be predicted, bought, or bargained for, and the ways that different people come to terms with or deny that idea in times of crisis and loss of control.

I’d be interested in any feedback anyone has on these sketches/designs. Nothing is very finalized yet, so if something stands out that you really like or dislike, I’d appreciate hearing from you!

Also, I have 49 followers now, I know some of you and don’t know others, but thanks for the interest, all!